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Probably nothing would have happened.
Until technology can make mining minerals on the moon and elsewhere viable, most companies are going to stay right here on earth.

---And in a typically strange libertarian game of "chicken or egg" that technology wouldn't be possible UNTIL man went to the moon of course.
Hence...my post referring to house sized "personal computers" and old vacuum tube TV sets.
Technology has benefitted from the very LIBERAL idea of dreaming about landing on the moon, and from the very LIBERAL idea of having government lend a hand to do heavy lifting when it benefits the nation as a whole across the board.

Tis true that this is also an "unholy alliance between big business and big government", but like all things there is a good side as well as a bad side.

It's the human factor that determines which comes into play.
Hence my conclusion that politics is not about people, not about nations, not about race or religion, not about left or right, not about ideologies, not about belief systems, but about specific PERSONS and their specific histories.
It is specific persons who make politics either good or bad.

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