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Hence...my post referring to house sized "personal computers" and old vacuum tube TV sets.

Do not be too hasty in holding vacuum tubes in contempt.

I know a number of audiophiles, and I have a good friend who is a brilliant audio engineer. They use almost nothing but vacuum tubes. They still provide superior sound reproduction compared to transistors. They maintain the linearity of the original signal far better than, in general, transistors will ever be able to do.

I can barely endure listening to "the finest products of modern sound reproduction." In comparison with the high-end audiophile systems of my engineer friend, there is enormous distortion of the original signal, and the comparative flatness of the dynamics make it a torture to listen to the expensive transistorized sound systems, which the brainwashing of advertising propaganda makes people think are so wonderful --- in direct contradiction to what their ears actually hear!

The control of the minds of the masses can scarcely go further, once hypnotic suggestion can obliterate and replace direct sensory perception.

Moreover, vacuum tubes are much more resistant to "electromagnetic pulse warfare." Enemy attack could easily fry the circuits of our modern electronics --- and then where would we be? The USA does not manufacture vacuum tubes any more --- unless it is being done in some secret military program. The Russians and the Chinese have not been so foolish.

Even worse, if we wanted to manufacture vacuum tubes of the quality produced in the 1930's and '40's, we could not do so. In most cases, the specifications and plans for the high-quality electronic products of that period have disappeared, been scattered, and destroyed. We would need to re-invent vacuum tubes almost from scratch.

Progress is not always forward; it can, and frequently does, go backward. Valuable information can be, for all practical purposes, irretrievably lost.

"You don't know what you've lost till it's gone."