Okay, Phil, let us begin by me once again stating my general political philosophy as well as my economic philosophy. As I have stated before, I am strongly influenced by libertarian thought and subscribe to political Individualism Vs political collectivism. I am supportive of natural rights and limited government. As to economics, I am supportive of free markets and favor the Austrian School of economics. In general, I identify strongly with classical liberalism, root of today�s libertarian thought. It was the liberalism borne of the Enlightenment and espoused and practiced in the early days of our country. I have no problem being referred to as a libertarian, but I do have a difference of opinion on some issues (which is to be expected), and I am not an anarcho-capitalist.

The first thing that might help those who know nothing of libertarianism is to understand that it is a political philosophy � not an economic or a social philosophy. It is based on the relationship of the individual to the state. This begins with political Individualism, which holds that the individual is the owner of his or her personhood � not the state. It is the opposite of the millennia old belief that the individual is ultimately the property of the state, king, tyrant, and etc. to do with as it wishes.

A fundamental tenet of libertarian thought is that no one, including the state, has the right to initiate aggression against another except in self-defense or the defense of an innocent. This is supported by another fundamental tenet of libertarian thought, which is that man has natural rights.

Most, if not all, of this stuff has been addressed in previous threads, but I�ll be your huckleberry � up to a point. What would you like me to try answering?:-)

"When all has been said that can be said, and all has been done that can be done, there will be poetry";-) -- Issodhos