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Libertarianism is a good theory with one small fatal flaw(in my opinion) It can't work unless everyone is identical.

Because everyone is not indentical, I think libertarianism's opposition to initiating aggression, its recognition of unalienable natural rights, and its natural social tolerance for others makes it more workable.:-)
Again, I find no flaws with the theory and was writing a bit tongue in cheek. After all, this isn't my ball game or my thread.
My point was that if everyone shared your views then your theory of government and economics(the two are really one) would work admirably. That can't be said of all political/economic theories since most others are more top or bottom heavy and require an occasional "flip" to keep them rolling.
Over the years and through many thousands of posts, you have attempted to share your views with us, to show us on occasion that there is a different viewpoint from merely right or left. You seem a kind and gentle man, intelligent and educated, articulate and well read and yet you fail almost every time to make lightbulbs come on over our heads.
From the treatise presented at the beginning of this thread I gather that other Libertarians are having exactly the same problem. We, here, are generally an open minded group, many are very well educated in a variety of fields. I have no education whatsoever and can barely link words together to form a sentence, still I manage to absorb some of the simpler concepts presented here. I think most of us are opposed to initiating aggression, agree with you that we have inalienable natural rights, and are reasonably socially tolerant. How is it that Libertarianism can work if the concept cannot even be explained without invoking anger and misunderstanding? We seem to agree with all the basic tenets of libertarianism while at the same time we disagree with all the basic tenets of libertarianism. I call it Shrodingers Square peg.

The other possibility is that you invoke the anger and misunderstanding intentionally, I'd rather not even consider the possibility but the thought has arisen elsewhere. If such is the case and libertarians everywhere are doing the same then, my friend, Libertarianism can never be more than a crackpot scheme, with lots of fancy words and theories that only you can understand.

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