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...the stronger help the weaker, the wealthy help the poor. If I have an inner libertarian he says no laws need be written to force this to occur.
maybe I"m a closet libertarian then too, Greger. I wish that could be true.
History shows otherwise.

I think that not only history shows.... but also any study of the societies of our near animal relatives.

And that, to my notion, Ardy and Olyve, is the fatal flaw in Libertarianism. Equality must be enforced by law or this is what will happen.
Chickens have a rigid social structure called the �pecking order� by which every bird establishes who is dominant and who is submissive in relationship to every other bird. Dominant birds peck at submissive birds, pluck their feathers, and may chase them away or steal their food. Submissive birds will not peck back and will usually run from the dominant birds. Anytime a bird is added or subtracted from the flock, even if it is only a well-known bird that has been temporarily removed and then returned to the group, the entire flock will fight briefly to re-establish the pecking order. Flocks of greater than 15 birds can lead to excessive fighting and less productivity. Males should not be kept together as they will often fight each other and may even sexually abuse or kill the weaker birds.

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