Apparently, though I have offered to be Phil's huckleberry, he is not yet ready to, in his words, "man up" and engage me in discussion over his concerns with libertarian induced stupidity, so I will attempt to address as many posts from others that I can -- though most questions/comments are the same that have been addressed in this forum by me before.

A few general comments: libertarianism does not mean an absence of government, law, or the rule-of-law. It is not a libertine paradigm nor is it a chaotic state. I can only atttribute such views to willful ignorance or someone having watched one too many showings of "Water World".:-)

Anarchism, whether anarcho-capitalism or socialist anarchism, assumes and advocates a stateless or near-stateless society. Anarcho-capitalism is a minority off-shoot of libertarian thought. Try not to intentionally use it as a strawman, as I will not defend a position I do not hold. And lastly, please do not take it personally if my responses are somewhat blunt, as there is only so much time and the same questions can only be answered so many times before it becomes an exercise in futility.

One more thing. I have mentioned several times that the human critter is a sloppy, fuzzy critter. Those who would demand from me a advocacy for a utopia or a perfection of any sort from libertarian or any other philosophy have not read my past postings and may have some difficulties with a comprehension of the world in which we live.

Yours in laid-back, easygoing, live-and-let-live mellowtude,

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