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In word, Libertarianism = Somalia.

Even in the best of all imaginable worlds, libertarianism equals a ridiculous fantasy with every man to his own mountaintop valhalla, surrounded by a moat and machine guns.

And that valhalla had better be off the grid too, mate.

In three words, Checkerboard. You are incorrect.:-)

The difference may seem obvious to you, but less so to others. Perhaps you could review the salient points of distinction that you see .


From what I am able to discern from reports concerning Somalia, it is currently a lawless region with various warlords engaging in turf wars who show no respect for an individual's rights, including the individual's right to self-ownership. There is nothing libertarian about such a state of existence.

As to the valhalla and moat crap, that may characterize survivalists, but the only thing about it that would relate to libertarian thought is that a fellow wishing to live that way would be free to do so as long as he or she did not violate the rights of others.

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