Thanks, Issodhos, for attempting to answer some of the questions.
It appears that the difference between the current political philosophy infecting our governing body and the actual nuts and bolts operation of a governing body influenced by Libertarianism wouldn't really be that great. Depending on how far back in our current history a hypothetical swing towards Libertarianism occurred, the Sept 11 attack probably never would have happened because our government wouldn't have meddled so much in other governments to create the animosity responsible for the attack.
If the attack did occur, rather than starting two useless wars in a mockery of retributive justice, we would have appealed to the international community to help us bring these criminals to justice. The monolithic and ridiculous Homeland Security Boondoggle would never have been created, the wars would not have sapped the economy, airports would operate as they were intended and life would be ticking along marvelously.

Taxation, very obviously is a necessity required for government to operate and infrastructure to be built and maintained. A simple flat tax would probably replace the huge and incomprehensible tax code we have now. All those thousands of pages replaced with this: "All profits private or business shall be taxed at a rate of 10%" No exemptions no "non profits' no nothing. The same for everyone. A 1% sales tax might also be factored in, I'm not trying to guess at an ultimate solution, simply to posit a few examples.

These are visions of my own American Quasi-Utopia, I don't know if they fit within the paradigms of Libertarianism but I would like to see some sort of sensible ism adopted to achieve positive goals rather than the somewhat negative consequences of almost everything achieved by federal government in the last few decades.

Shlack, has asked how the poor, old, or sick might be cared for, once again I'm guessing but our smaller government, no longer encumbered with massive, complicated, and unnecessary
legislation, would establish a "poverty level" and subsidize those unable (not unwilling) to achieve it. Subsidizing Multi billion dollar multi national corporations would be a thing of the past. Lobbying for legislation that would give one group of individuals an advantage over another group of individuals would also be a thing of the past.

Oh Crap, is Libertarianism Making me stupid?

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