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The problems are too huge for charity now.
That's been tried and failed.
That is essentially what you had (Libertarianism) pre social programs of FDR.
I point to the Gilded Age and the Great Depression.

What has been tried and continues to fail is the collectivist system you support, olyve. You basically acknowledge its failure by stating that the "problems are too hugh" now. If the system of social programs and other government actions were working, there would be less of a problem now. And no, libertarianism was not how the nation's political system functioned during the periods you specify.

I agree it's happening now.
I do not prefer to keep the system we have now.
As an example....I prefer to stop the war and use the money to have Medicare from birth.

That is the system we have now. You simply want to redirect some of the money to your preferred programs -- or to be specific, direct the money of others to programs you support.

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