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[/quote]perhaps i should be more clear.
Individualist anarchism comprises several traditions[38] which hold that "individual conscience and the pursuit of self-interest should not be constrained by any collective body or public authority."[39] Individualist anarchism is supportive of property being held privately, unlike the social/socialist/collectivist/communitarian wing which advocates common ownership.[40] Individualist anarchism has been espoused by individuals such as Max Stirner, William Godwin,[41] Henry David Thoreau,[42] Josiah Warren and Murray Rothbard.[43][44][45]
what i refer to originates from this tradition. please show me where this is not associated with the position you are advocating.
The forms of anarchism you list are systems where all governmental functions are replaced by private entities. That would include courts, police, firefighters, roads, etc. The libertarian philosophy I am strongly influenced by sees the proper function of government as securing and protecting the rights of the individual -- and that most definitely includes his property rights. This requires courts, police, and a military. This is where libertarianism in general parts way with various form of anarchistic philosophy. That does not mean that libertarian thought does not recognize the inherent threat of government. Will I have to continue to repeat this, 2wins?

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