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Well, probably Olyve is a few leagues ahead of most in terms of voluntary giving. In fact, you have highlighted one of the problems with libertarian "solutions", they fail to take into account reality.
What I see is a history of failure on the part of the reactionary collectivist system that you support, Phil, generating more and more people in need of assistance for the basics regardless of how much money and how many new government programs are put into place. I see a nation that is on the verge of economic collapse as a result of your increasingly mixed and reactionary system, and I see a society that has been alienated from itself by the prattle of social engineers, pseudo-economists, modern �liberal� victimization peddlers, and panderers to hate-filled identity politics. Your system has failed time and time again and the only response to its failure is to do the same thing over again. It is obvious that resolving issues is not the goal of such a system, but rather the acquisition of power and control over people and their property for the same old reason � greed for that which is not theirs to accomplish by force what they would not be able to do through persuasion. Your system is an ancient enslaving system. That is the reality, and regardless of your apparently low opinion of humans, it�s time for a change.

As to the rest of your post, put it into the form of an understandable question and I will attempt to address it to your satisfaction (though I am not sure where the �what is voluntary about employment� came from).

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