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Expecting everyone to suddenly begin voluntarily giving up funds is where things must be changed gradually. That is why I suggested the flat tax and/or sales tax. I honestly don't know that the human animal has it in him to give enough voluntarily to support even the small government you imagine Issodhos.

The reduction in the monstrous size the government has grown into would take place before reductions in taxes would take place, Greger. As that happens, as programs and agencies are eliminated, and others are reduced (e.g., the military) the income tax and corporate tax will be reduced. the government itself would not be funded through voluntary contributions. Only private charities that take on the task of assisting those people in need of help would be voluntarilly funded by individual contributions. It is seriously wrong to portray Americans as not being willing to fund good programs. We do it everyday even while having extraordinary amounts of our earnings expropriated by the state in the form of taxes. The current political master/slave system, so popular for millinnia and supported so strongly by those whose greed leads them to use government force to separate others from their property, is a failure and needs to be replaced.

"When all has been said that can be said, and all has been done that can be done, there will be poetry";-) -- Issodhos