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Indeed, that phrase is an oxymoron - it is not a "governing" philosophy. I note that while Issodhos, as apparently the only defender/explicator of libertarian philosophy participating (my sympathies, friend), has written much, and answered a number of comments, he has not provided much substance to respond to - or had no one actually noticed that?

There are no specifics, just generalized "philosophical" leanings, e.g.

First, perhaps you need to get together with Phil and come to a decision as to whether you want specifics or general answers. Phil said he wanted no specifics, you claim I provide none. When you and Phil decide which way you want me to respond, let me know. I will then decide how I choose to answer.

That aside, your concern over libertarian thought not being a �governing� philosophy compared to the current master/slave system you currently support, NWP, could be clouding your objectivity. But, it would also be fair to say that a libertarian-oriented system, rather than being the reactionary top-down authoritarian type of governance we are currently immersed in, leaves much to the individual in the way of self-governance. This is a result of the expanded freedom and liberty an individual would enjoy as the old system is altered by libertarian principle.

As to a government-caused need for the Department of Homeland Security, actions have consequences. When we play in other people�s back yard, they sometimes decide to come over and play in our back yard. Actions do have consequences. A libertarian-based foreign policy would be focused on cultural exchange and trade in line with a policy of not initiating aggression against others. It is an adult way to interact with the world.

Also, I am using the terms, �libertarian-influenced� and �libertarian-oriented� in the hope that it will finally convey to you and others that I am not advocating a utopia. When I say the human critter is a sloppy critter, I mean it. He will not be perfection. He will not be identical in thought or capability. He has many vices. I am also using it to reinforce the idea that any move toward libertarian-influenced action must be incremental. I am not aware of any vanguard mentality within libertarian circles such as informs various collectivist theories.

As to the piffle about police, military, courts and such � I have written before and have now written several times in this single thread that we are not discussing and I am not advocating anarcho-capitalism, which advocates the complete elimination of government, so lets not go there again.

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