Libertarianism comes in 31 different flavors, all starting with the basic idea that coercion is bad, especially if it is coercion by government. But after all, who doesn't think coercion is bad, especially if they are the one being coerced?

Beyond that single point of agreement, "Libertarians" go off in all political, social, and economic directions. Almost everything from Religion, to Communism, to Anarchy can be added over the basic "non-coercion" idea to yield yet another school of Libertarian Thought. And since all of them ignore the sordid fact that most humans need a little coercion so they don't crap where others eat, they are all unworkable.

Remember, we all start out as anarchists (as infants) and most of us get sufficiently "housebroken" so we become responsible adults. Even in the most liberal parent-child relationships, that process includes LOADS of coercion. And plenty of us never do become responsible adults, so the world also includes sociopaths, con-men, thieves, corporate CEOs, etc. who don't follow the internal rules for transparent and fair interactions that all would need in a Libertarian system.

You just can't get there from here, and even if you could it would be so unstable that it would revert back to a coercive system very quickly.