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Using the inverse of Ardy�s commons analogy, if a fisherman knows that his and his family�s livelihood depends on not over-fishing his section and treating it in an environmentally safe manner, he will regulate his harvest so that reproducing stock are left for the next season. He may even compete with other fishermen to make his section more hospitable and attractive to the fish, especially if the fish he is after is a migrating species.

--The above almost NEVER happens in modernized culture, and almost never happens even in the most idyllic of aboriginal cultures either, regardless of what political, philosophical or religious system it is governed by.
The lessons of Easter Island point to mankind's inability to properly husband his resources without regulation.

Libertarian epic fail.

Then perhaps that is why there are no productive privately owned farms left in America. I am beginning to feel sorry for all those Mennonite farmers in my neighborhood who foolishly hook up their horses or fire up their tractors year after year to plow dirt depleted by them in the hope of using it up before it is passed on to their children.

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