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Why not common rights as well?
That's probably my biggest bone of contention with the Libertarian theory. But we must consider that even a few small changes in that direction would eliminate some of the issues that weigh so heavily on our population. For instance, Phil, the right to marry whomever you wish, regardless of gender. In an even slightly Libertarian System this would be a no brainer. The right to possess, grow, consume, and sell marijuana and a variety of other drugs. Again a no brainer. Abortion rights? Done. True equality for all races through the law? By the very definition, Libertarians are color blind. Everyone here, except Issodhos, seems to think Libertarians would remove government, military and law enforcement. Phil, you said
Here is the thing, absent the state, it is who has the biggest gun.
Who said the state would be absent? Issodhos has said the the Constitution, The Judiciary, the Military, and Law Enforcement Agencies would remain intact. Only the Focus of government would change, from what is heading towards a totalitarian fascist state to one that is more directed toward protecting the rights promised us by the founding fathers and the constitution. To coin an old phrase "liberty and justice for all." All of us want to see changes made in our government.
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even if a few changes are made without fully embracing liberty, we would be the better for it

It's pretty confusing, and in my mind unworkable to have a completely Libertarian System, man is a stubborn beast and as has been mentioned here before he often requires coercion to do what is right. The means of coercion would still exist. Probably the common rights that you and I see as necessities would still be protected. Phil, there's no need to give over completely to the libertarians, we can keep some of our socialist tendencies intact within the system, but right now we seem to be giving over completely to the Corporations and giving up rights.....er...right and left.

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