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the right to marry whomever you wish, regardless of gender. In an even slightly Libertarian System this would be a no brainier. The right to possess, grow, consume, and sell marijuana and a variety of other drugs. Again a no brainer. Abortion rights? Done. True equality for all races through the law? By the very definition, Libertarians are color blind.

In theory what you say is true.

One would presume that the district that sent Ron Paul to congress would map pretty closely to what you say about these issues... given their support for libertarian Mr. Paul.

So, my question is whether in fact this Texas district Mr. Paul is from is in fact supportive of the agenda that you identified. I would be real surprised if that were the case.

And, presuming it is not the case... then we have to wonder why this would be? Perhaps there are a lot of people that are only partly libertarian... only libertarian to the extent it serves their bias, self interest and pre-conceptions.

And, if this were the case with a significant number of "Libertarian" supporters, wouldn't it further undermine the overall feasibility of achieving a true libertarian government as anything other than a fantasy.

After all, lots of people voted for George Bush cause they believed in smaller and less intrusive government that did not spend money it did not have. We didn't get what we thought we were getting with G Bush... and I am not real sure that we would get real libertartianism even in the best case.

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