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The fabulously productive, successful, and affluent Amish farmers of Central Pennsylvania would take extreme umbrage at that statement.
I do believe that Issodhos was indulging in a bit of sarcasm in that statement. Elsewhere, he has on occasion cited the Amish and the Mennoites as examples of people living in their own communities, practicing a largely agragrarian life, generally not being pests to others, and being largely anarchical in their activities.

Their biggest challenge is not the productivity of their land, but the lack of available acreage for their multitudinous offspring. New Amish settlements are springing up all over other parts of PA, in addition to other states with available agricultural land.
Damn religious fanatics! Living in a dream world! Perhaps they need to be segregated from other people and monitored by the more rational among us, and possibly be given psychiatric treatment - for their own good, of course.

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