Only unalienable rights I have seen listed are "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"
Those three things cover a lot of ground.
Assuming that is the list, then it is unconstitutional to carry out the death penalty or to order a soldier/sailor/airman into combat
Logan, your Hero, George Bush, was very fond of the death penalty. I on the other hand am not. It's use is questionable and is questioned each and every time it is used. Is the death penalty an effective deterrent to crime or a violation of the United States Constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment?
As far as the military, is it too big a stretch to imagine an all volunteer military? I personally think conscription(the draft) of any sort is, indeed, unconstitutional.
similarly unconstitutional to incarcerate even the most vicious serial killer
I have no idea what might have given you these wild ideas. I'm a socialist and I understand Libertarianism better than that. These criminals, from petty thieves right up the list, have infringed on the rights of others and will face punishment to match the crime. You are an expert on the law Logan, perhaps you can tell me why laws are written?
Is it to protect the rights of individuals from the predation or endangerment by other individuals?
And finally this:
unconstitutional to protect children from child molesters.
I imagined you could think more clearly than this Logan. Let's run through it slowly. Do children have rights?
Yes. Do parents have rights? Yes. Do the laws, the Constitution, the government, from Federal down to the village council exist to protect these rights? Yes. Do you feel that child molestation is an infringement on these rights? Do you imagine that a Libertarian would disagree with you? Regardless of the views of some Texans who voted for Ron Paul, It would, indeed, be unconstitutional to write a law that says who may or may not get married. It would be unconstitutional to write a law that says one plant that grows in your garden is legal but another is not.
It would be unconstitutional to write a law that interferes with any medical decisions you might make about your own body. I have no idea why these concepts are so difficult for some to grasp.

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