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And so we have a primitive tribe, division of labor is introduced, some hunt for meat and hides, some gather berries and eggs, cure the hides and cook the meat. They have no concept of land ownership, Noble Savages so to speak. The first piece of property is a sharpened stick. "Savage A" found and sharpened the stick, thinking himself very clever and able to kill animals easier. "Savage B" wants it and tries to take it. "Savage A" pokes him and shows him who is boss. Government is created to assure property rights.

Absolutely wrong. First, government as you speak of it came many thousands of years after hunter-gatherers, but aside from that, why would there be any need to protect property? For most of human history there was simply no notion of "private" property but rather everything was held in common. You have it all backwards.

Try reading Guns, Germs and Steel by Diamond Jared and you will get a better idea of human development.

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