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Well, the "hat" I pulled this out of is the language of the Constitution itself. There are a number of provisions therein which amount to common rights -- the one I mentioned earlier being the right of we the people to condemn/take property of an individual with full compensation. The people have the right to govern commerce, etc. Every one of these is a exercise of common will over individuals.

I am not sure when this thread became a discussion of the Constitution, Phil, but there is nothing in the Constitution that references "common rights", nor is their any mention of group rights (which is what "common rights" would be), and nothing in the Constitution can be construed as even alluding to such "rights". While the government may be granted various "authorities and "powers", only individuals have and can exercise rights. Attempting to equate the two diminishes the very concept of the rights of man and the subordination of the state to the citizenry.

And indeed, much of the subversion and circumvention of the Constition has resulted from such false conflation.

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