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Only unalienable rights I have seen listed are "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness". Is there another list somewhere that I've not seen?

If you are interested in the subject, we did a couple of threads a while back on Rights. I doubt that Phil intended to have the thread drift away from the claim that "libertarianism makes you stupid" (i.e., Issodhos is stupid:-)). Here are a couple of links:
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Allow me to first repeat, with emphasis added, what I have previously written, which was, �My view is that rights are inalienable and pre-exist the state and also pre-exist any agreement made among men to recognize them.� Please note that I did not write that they pre-existed man. I also wrote that �rights are integral to the human mind� which is to say they are integral to man. They are essential to the completeness of man and reflect the nature of man, not nature in general, not �natural� man, but the nature of man.
Do Individual Rights Exist?
Individual Rights vs Group claims
P.s As Greger commented, "those three cover a lot of ground." And are you familiar with the IX Amendment?

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