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The structure then follows from that principle "e pluribus unum" - from the many, one. Libertarianism is, quite directly, very "un"-constitutional, as it places the interests of individuals over that of the collective whole. Ooops... there's that "collective" word again....

You do realize, do you not, NW Ponderer, that "e pluribus unum" simply means "out of many states, one nation" -- and later repositioned to mean "out of many immigrating peoples, a single people?" Why attempt to falsely color it as a call for a sociopolitical collective?

Libertarianism recognizes the natural rights of the individual, recognizes that the individual, not the state, is the owner of his person, and that valid governments are instituted among men to secure those rights. "Interests" are another matter.
P.s. Your premise is again false.

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