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But the thread was and is intended to give us an opportunity to get at these basic elements in a real discussion. All I am saying is that the science of human development does not support your assertion that the state evolved to protect individual rights. I suggest the evidence is the exact opposite and that only within the last couple of centuries has that concept emerged.

I seriously doubt that was the intent of starting this thread, Phil, and I think there are a number of posters now seeking to distance themselves from the discussion of how a libertarian-oriented society would work.

It is incorrect to say that I assert that the state evolved to protect individual rights. I have been clear that I support the concept that the reason for instituting government is to secure and protect individual rights. Is that a recent concept? Yes. Does that have a relevence to the existance of natural rights? No. Government does not "evolve" -- it is "instituted" by those who have the power to do so, and instituted in the form they dictate.

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