Rubbish is it? You just love those self-descriptive terms, don't you?

Even a casual review of the many shattered elements of "nature" that make "man" unique from other forms of animal life documents how ephemeral is our self-ascribed sense of superiority over other animals that populate the earth (language, tools, opposable thumbs, societal behavior, etc).

The only element of our nature that truly makes us unique is our willingness to despoil our own nest, an absurd form of behavior that virtually every other animal avoids. You may wish to pretend that you are in some way different from the large predator cats, but the only real difference is your ability to believe yourself superior.

"The white men were as thick and numerous and aimless as grasshoppers, moving always in a hurry but never seeming to get to whatever place it was they were going to." Dee Brown