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As such I acknowledge it, but find it fools gold -- there is no "there" there.

And your argument is that you or someone else knows when man had a eureka moment in both political concept and the concept of property -- how many hundreds of thousands of years ago? Not buying it, Phil.;-)
P.s. Given the cheese posts, the critter prattle, and the apparent desire of posters to get away from the "practical" impact of applying libertarian-oriented thought, I suspect this thread is devolving back down to the same level originally established by the opening post. I remain, for the time being, your huckleberry. If anyone has anymore scenarios they wish to present for a possible libertarian solution, I am remain at your disposal.

You can try to demean others, but you have come up with nothing but the most inane, self referencing and assumptive reasons to support you positions.

What I wanted to accomplish on this thread was to demonstrate the completely vacuous nature of libertarian thinking, and you have done the job beyond my wildest hopes.

Thank you.

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