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Rubbish is it? You just love those self-descriptive terms, don't you?

Even a casual review of the many shattered elements of "nature" that make "man" unique from other forms of animal life documents how ephemeral is our self-ascribed sense of superiority over other animals that populate the earth (language, tools, opposable thumbs, societal behavior, etc).

I encourage you to re-read my post, loganrbt. I made no claim to man being superior. I did make the claim that his nature was different from the nature of a leopard -- and by extension, other animals. I could, but I did not.;-)

Nor did anyone suggest you had, Iss. But I suppose if your posts represent your manner of thinking, then one could believe you truly don't understand the difference between a general observation and a direct implication. In the self-centered universe from which your posts appear to emanate, I suppose everything seems to be about you.

"The white men were as thick and numerous and aimless as grasshoppers, moving always in a hurry but never seeming to get to whatever place it was they were going to." Dee Brown