Once again it comes down to throwing insults. Issodhos can certainly be insufferable can't he? No one has come close to convincing me that Libertarianism can't work though, at least as well as Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Monarchism, Naziism, Totalitarianism, Botulism, Budhism or Bokononism.

I am fully convinced that Anarchism cannot work, that man will eventually succumb to extinction due to a loss of suitable habitat, that he is really an animal. That rights are only in our heads and that governments are created by the strongest to control the weakest. Americanism has worked for a couple hundred years but it appears to be collapsing as all the gold is running uphill, Issodhos offers a possible, unusual(probably unworkable) solution but an inability to communicate, or acccept his vision long enough to think it through without getting angry or frustrated makes it nearly impossible to discuss the actual nuts and bolts of Government under Libertarian Leadership.

Not some imaginary government. Our government. Our Constitution. Our three branches. Our Military our Laws and our Population. Not Liberal, not Conservative, but something altogether different.

I believe it would help, Issodhos, if just once in a while, whether you are or not, you would admit to being less than infallible, or give up a point for the sake of the game.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...