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No one has come close to convincing me that Libertarianism can't work though, at least as well as Communism,
That is not a high bar for success. But, for purpose of discussion, I will agree that libertarianism will work approximately as well as communism.
Issodhos offers a possible, unusual(probably unworkable) solution but an inability to communicate, or accept his vision long enough to think it through without getting angry or frustrated makes it nearly impossible to discuss the actual nuts and bolts of Government under Libertarian Leadership.

Not Liberal, not Conservative, but something altogether different.

IMO you have stumbled upon what is IMO the crux of the discussion. IMO Libertarianism does not provide a solid basis for governance because it is fundamentally oppositional in nature. While it "appears" to be for something, IMO it is fundamentally defined by it's opposition to the various infringements of rights. As such, libertarianism can critique the flaws of any existing system... and lament that a perfect government would be one which eliminates those flaws.

People have tried to create various sorts of Utopian communities. These have had varying degrees of success and failure. But I am not aware that there has even been an attempt to create a Utopian libertarian community. I think this is no accident.

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