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[quote] Is it time for this thread to die?

Probably best to leave it open until the choir gets over its fluster-fit. Only seems polite.:-)

In the meantime....

Two cavemen are in discussion:

Grog: That is a nice bow you made, Splog.
Splog: Thank you, Grog. I am satisfied with my efforts.

(Yes, cavemen were exceedingly polite. No, I do not know why.)

Grog: I think I will have it.
Splog: I think not, Grog.

Grog: Why not?

(Splog�s eyes glaze over and he sits, motionless)[/size]

Grog: What are you doing, Splog?

Splog: I am trying to conceptualize why I think you cannot have it. I suspect that I am attempting to have a notional moment relative to the bow.

Grog: What the heck is that?

Splog: I think it is one of those evolution things we have heard about, but, I suspect I will have to wait for government
before a concept explaining why I won�t let you have the bow
can be reified in this world.

(yes, cavemen also tended to use big words)

Grog: Government? What�s government? Come to think of it, what�s �reified�?

Splog: Government is the God whose arrival we must await before we are able to .. uh .. to .. well, I can�t say until government reifies it for me, can I?

Grog: You mean it�s that ol�, �which came first, the government or the concept?� puzzle?
Splog: Sorta.

Grog: Deep.

Grog: About that bow.
Splog: I�ll bust your head.

Yours in humor,:-)

"When all has been said that can be said, and all has been done that can be done, there will be poetry";-) -- Issodhos