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Issodhos is correct that we have been here before, as he referenced some of our previous efforts. We run down the same circular path and end up following the same circular patterns - chicken-and-egg style...
Not necessarily a [bad | unexpected] place to be, assuming the skill of the opponents. Like a couple of really good fencers going at it, and at the end of each foray it will almost seem as if they have gone repeatedly through the Grand Salute and nothing more - even though the careful observer is aware of the speed and skill applied by both sides.

I have my views, and over time they have become ingrained, not because I believe I am superior, but because over time, having thought them through thoroughly and allowed them to be challenged, they have stood up and remained logically and empirically consistent. I have rejected approaches that don't meet this criteria....
Have you considered the novel notion that Issodhos has done exactly the same for his position?

Why have I again gotten the impression that all too many here are basing their arguments on the thoroughly unwarranted assumption that Issodhos is - to borrow from another thread another poster's description of what he himself was not - some stereotypical kind of banjo-playing, Deliverance-level right-wing cretin wearing camo pants, a "cold, dead hand" tee-shirt, a Skoal cap, clutching a firearm that is merely a phallic symbol, sporting blue-blocker sunglasses and a Mike Ditka mustache?

I like a challenge, especially an intellectual one, and I love the give and take of a passionate debate....
And I think that this thread has demonstrated, as have similar ones in the past, both the intellect and the passion of the participants.

So, I am not going to get drawn further into a meaningless debate over angels and pins - whether one describes something as an "interest," a "human right," a "civil right....
You might consider also that your redoubtable libertarian opponent is equally unhappy with having his position distorted and misrepresented, or even a brand new one invented for him that he is expected to defend.

Life should be led like a cavalry charge - Theodore Roosevelt