itstarted (nervously enters the room)

ummm... I got lost on the first page when liberty and government got mixed in together. My brother-in-law would put the question this way... "Do you walk to work, or carry your lunch?"

Interesting discussion all the way through the 13 pages. Seems to me that the very word "government" puts the lie to all of the definitions I could find. Even the most abstract and "liberal" law, by definition impinges on some "liberty".

What can anyone be "for"... that doesn't become an "against" to someone else.

After reading a few hours worth of essays on the Libertarianism website, I come away with a feeling that "sweetness" is the best description of the general position of the membership.

It seems like the advocates want freedom from government , only until something goes wrong... and then government should step in.

Is this weird of what? Don't make any rules untiil someone gets hurt?

I'm hiding under age, and early onset to account for my vapidity.

... just stopped by to tell you I enjoyed the discourse. blush

Life is Good!