What is a "collective right" and how is it exercised?

A "collective right" really is nothing more than a group of individuals claiming the same individual rights. It differs from mob rule somewhat since said rights are unalienable but The State has an awkward tendency to try to alienate people from those unalienable rights.

Here in The United States we exercised our collective rights first by Declaring our Independence from British Monarchic rule, then by ratifying a Constitution that restrained The State from usurping our rights.

The NRA and it's battle to preserve the Second Amendment is a bad example but at least one that Libertarians can side with.
The right to bear arms has existed since Grog and Splog used Sharpened sticks to kill prey and protect their stuff. The right to local control has existed since Madame Splog said "Excuse me, Grog, but you can't bring your sharpened stick into my tent. Please leave it outside."

The NRA is an association. An association is a "collective".
The right to bear arms is an individual right. When it is claimed and protected by a collective it becomes a "collective right", Right?

Later edit: an association is a legal collective not a political collective.

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