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That's where we often run in to trouble. Concerning rights
they might be legal rights, or human rights or civil rights, inherent rights, divine rights, inalienable rights, individual or collective rights, property rights or animal rights or even turns to starboard. Which brings to mind another right:
Red Right Return.
One of the most important of the Nautical Rights.

If you are really interested in the subject, Greger, perhaps you would prefer approaching the subject at its more basic level. Rights such as speech or religion, for example, are referred to as negative rights. They do not require that another be forced to provide them to you. Another form of rights that has been suggested, is positive rights. These would require others be mandated and, if necessary, forced to provide them for you. The Declaration of Human Rights is a mixture of the two. I consider positive rights to be, at best, nothing more than government granted privileges, and at worst violations of the rights of those who would be forced to provide such privileges.

Anyway, if you wish to look into the issue, that is where I would suggest you start.

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