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Genius? Most of the genius involved came from non-Americans.
IIRC, Werner von Braun stated that the Raketenforschung of the Third Reich derived from the work of American physicist Robert Goddard, of Clark University; he seemed to be surprised that no one understood that.

Talent, organization and hard work there were in plenty. These are qualities for which the pedestrian American character has a flair.
And for which much of the world seems to be appreciative, even if it is not acknowledged. I believe, are we not, having this exchange through a medium whose existence is almost entirely attributable to the virtues of that pedestrian character which you so readily scorn?

I don't claim that photography can't be art. Obviously, it can.

But the NASA Earth photograph is not an artistic creation. It could just as easily have been taken by a ship-board computer. No creativity at all was involved.
Perhaps it is better than an artistic creation? A perfect rendition of the truth and beauty of the creation about us, unsullied by the misconceptions and prejudices of the human dauber. Which truly transfixes the soul, the "earthrise" from Apollo 8, or the countless "artist's conception" daubings from works of both science and fiction?

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