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I see also that my gentle remonstrances about the American scene have awoken apperceptions of the truth in you. Socrates would be proud of me! I could not have said it better than you have! Every sentence you have crafted has the lustre of true gold! Dare I say that this is a work of art?
Actually, you completely missed the point. In reality it was a subtle and extended metaphor on the snobbery of the faux intellectual. They are easy to spot and an easy and cheap source of low humor, whether they be effete Europeans angered at their impotence, ex-pats from somewhere else trying to rationalize their coming here to make a living, or ex-pat Americans trying desperately to appear worthy of a reserved table at some Left Bank hangout for wannabes.

I imagine that Socrates would have been put off at your hubris and sophocles or Euripides would have made you the butt of Olympian vengeance.

Life should be led like a cavalry charge - Theodore Roosevelt