Dan Brown here, too.

Hell, numan...I'd take a DaVinci Code success, given the opportunity.

Okay...how about submitting what y'all wrote? Only if it's suitable for public viewingl, of course. grin Here's mine (excuse the spacing...or lack thereof...didn't feel like playing around with it.)...

�How�s this?� She�d found an old black and white movie.
�Great!� Bob said. �Thanks!�
He settled back in his chair again, stretched his legs out in front and laced his fingers behind his head. I was happy for him. And it took the pressure off me. I didn�t have to make small talk or pretend to be reading something I didn�t give a rat�s ass about. I put the magazine aside and closed my eyes. Having his company felt sort of nice now.
�We�ll return to Judy Garland and George Murphy in Little Nellie Kelly in just a moment, after these words from our sponsor.� The announcer�s voice drifted around in the background.
Little Nellie Kelly? Jeezuz�
Soon I was dozing off, half-waking during contractions, but comfortable enough.
�Wow, Tat! Look at this!� Bob�s shout startled me fully awake.
�What? What�s the matter?�
�Judy Garland.�
�Yeah? What about her?�
�She�s having a baby. Just like you!�
Nurse Nancy, having heard Bob�s exclamation, zoomed into the room.
�What happened? Everything okay in here?�
�Yeah, we�re fine,� I said. �Judy Garland�s having a baby, too.�
�Really? Well, isn�t that nice?� She settled herself behind Bob�s chair to watch.
It was a cozy few minutes, just the three of us and the TV.
And then... BAM! Judy dies. Right there in front of us. In childbirth.
�Holy sh*t,� I said quietly.
I looked over at Bob and Nursie. He was staring straight ahead, a flabbergasted expression on his puss. She looked as if her face might detonate any minute. It had turned a deep, beet-red. The color burned itself all the way up into her Nancy-Doodle curls. She stood there, frozen in time, as if Marlin Perkins had shot her a good one with a stun gun.

"Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace." ...Albert Schweitzer