You know, I try, I really do, not to be so damned cynical but I read about the s*** Cheney and Bush are doing and then I see that the Republican Party doesn't seem to mind all that much and even the Democratic Party doesn't seem all that bothered. Here is the problem with all that - Bush and Cheney are establishing a precedence that will continue if not stopped. If Bush and Cheney are not impeached for the s*** they have done and are doing then every administration in succession will, sooner or later, revert to the same crap. Count on it. I don't want ANY administration to be above the Constitution, but this one is and neither party is doing a damn thing about it. Wrong is wrong.

I wish just once, just once America would vote all these bastards out of office and re-establish for all to know who this country belongs to.


You, you and you, panic. The rest of you follow me.