You are absolutely right; if the Bush/Cheney Cancer is not incised from the system then this country will pay the ultimate price! This is not just a matter of this Administration, but as we have seen, once the government curtails Liberty and Freedom it will never fully reinstate them or relinquish its control. The Bush/Cheney Administration has used all manner of criminal and immoral activity to maintain and expand its grip on power. They believe their despotic grasp of power to be unlimited and unconditional by essentially asserting that the People do not deputize their authority but by an arcane interpretation of executive power, which suits their purposes completely. In other words, they seem to believe their power and authority to be original and not deputized or granted by the People. The Bush/Cheney trespass must be curtailed, denied and punished!

Those in our government who ignore the fact that they have been deputized by the People to perform a very limited duty under the Contract of the People, they should be considered unfit for such duty. If those, within this government or any administration of government, do not realize and fully seek to implement the principle that the power to legislate is not the ultimate power, but that the People retain, through Providential Grant, the ultimate Power, then those politicians are unfit to govern.

The People must again reassert their Power and must do so at any cost or we will lose this Republic to a form of coercive despotism that will only seek to expand its grasp over the People.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them."~Patrick Henry