I read today, or yesterday, on Raw Story I believe, that Dem House leader Rahm Emanuel introduced an amendment to cut funding for the Executive Office of the Vice President completely out of the Supplementary Budget until it was established what branch of government, if any, Mr. Cheney's office was connected to.


Another interesting angle:

What neither Edwards nor Simpson chose to point out was the fact that the oil revenues generated from the 600,000 barrels per day that the Saudis paid into the Al-Yamamah fund from 1985 through to the present, amounted to an estimated $160 billion--four times the actual cost of the entire military package delivered by BAE to Saudi Arabia. Nobody in London is talking about where the rest of the money landed--and what it was used for.


Give us the wisdom to teach our children to love,
to respect and be kind to one another,
so that we may grow with peace in mind.

(Native American prayer)