Poor Doctor Beraid cane to a very bad end, an end which he caused himself.

Beraid had spent his career working in the field of hypo-allergenics, working towards developing a breed of swine whose bodies contained nothing that would be rejected by humans. They were also capable of regenerating body organs, so they were intended to be the first trouble-free organ farms for transplants to humans.

Unfortunately, there were some genetic drawbacks. They were huge, over a thousand pounds at maturity, so Beraid cleverly cloned gorillas to tend to them. There was another problem: their breath was so bad that not even the gorillas could work with the pigs until they had been stuffed full of breath mints.

One day there were almost 80 gorillas working with the swine when one of them dropped a big bag of breath mints. Beraid backhanded the gorilla, which was most unfortunate for him. The police report on his sudden death concluded:

Seventy six strong clones fed the pig Beraid, with a hundred and ten Clorets close at hand.

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