Grandma Goes Shopping

A grandmother had a grandson with a upcoming birthday.

She knew he liked fishing, so down to the sporting goods store she went.
After looking around,she found a rod and reel that might look good, so she went to the counter.
Behind the counter sat a man with dark glasses.

The grandmother inquired, "Can you help me decide which rod and reel to get for my grandson?"

"Sure", replied the man, "I am blind, but if you toss the item on the counter, I can tell by the sound what it is."

After placing the rod and reel on the counter the blind man said, "Well that's a Shakespeare 6 foot rod and a Zebco reel, good combo and its on sale for 20 dollars this week."

Impressed the grandma said ,"I'll take it".
She reached into her purse and pulled out her credit card only to drop it on the floor.
After hearing the card fall to the floor,the blind man said, "Mastercard, very good!"

As the grandma bent over to pickup the card, she passed a very large amount of gas.
Very embarrassed she looked around and figured the man was blind so he wouldn't know who did it.
He rang her up and said "that'll be 34.50 ma'am."

"But you told me it was on sale for 20 dollars!", the grandma exclaimed.
The blind man replied,"Yep,20 dollars for the rod and reel, but that duck call's 11 dollars and the catfish bait's another 3.50!"

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