Billy Bob, went off to a NASCAR race, where they had a drawing for a trip to Atlanta. Billy Bob won, so for the first time in their lives Billy Bob, Lola Mae, and son Bubba went to the big city. The cab deposited them at their hotel, and while they were waiting to check in Lola Mae went out to smoke a cigarette.

Billy Bob and Bubba are standing in the lobby, just staring, when a little old lady crept by, borne up by a walker, pushed a button, and when the door opened she went in. A couple of minutes later the bell dinged, the door opened, and out stepped a tall gorgeous redhead. A huge fat woman who was waiting in front of the door went through the door, and it closed again. A minute later the bell dinged, the door opened, and out came a really foxy redhead with legs from here to there.

Billy Bob turned to Bubba. "Go git your mother. Now."

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