My youngest daughter has no children and supervised the facebook page on her Siamese cat. Note he has a friend named Clawed Monet. There's some funny stuff on this page. I have two cats that are black and two daughters who are not.

Last week on Morning Joe, the Emanuele brothers were guests: Rahm, who is the major of Chicago, Zeke who is a Medical Doctor and Aron who is a college professor. They told the story of sharing a bedroom where they had bunk beds and the crib. The two older boys would climb to the top of the bunks and jump off landing on the crib to see how far they could make the baby flip. I was laughing so hard I had to run for the potty. Mika then asked how their mother was and Zeke aaid "she is fine, but she still on her Meds."

AKA Sandy Price