Reminds me of the extremely rich young fellow who went on a month's vacation, during which he booked 28 straight days of solo rounds at Pebble Beach. THAT cost a mint.

The third morning he is on the 3d tee when he glances behind him and sees this gorgeous young thing in the flight behind him, also playing solo. He waits for her to catch up, and they play the rest of the round together. Afterwards they stop at the 19th for drinks, and she invites him home.

There she cooks him a gourmet meal, paired with wine that had to have cost $300 a bottle. She then performs absolutely fantastic oral sex on him, but will not let him spend the night.

The next day is a repeat, as is the next. Great golf, great food, great wine, great oral sex, but nothing more. The guy finally says, "Darling, I would like to have sex with you."

She says, "Actually, that's impossible. You see, I'm a transvestite."

The guy sits in shock for a minute, then screams at the top of his lungs, "You bitch! You've been playing from the ladies' tee all this time!"

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