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I'm sorry about our softwood lumber. Just because we have more trees than you, doesn't give us the right to sell you lumber that's cheaper and better than your own. ...

Not to pick, or nuthin', but...

Canadian forests
There is 35% more mill capacity in BC than there is forest on Crown land, but that isn't stopping BC's companies. ...In the Yukon, the federal government is giving away the ecologically-sensitive boreal forest to BC companies for only $7.00 a truckload.

AAC reductions on government land in BC have been forced because there's not enough wood left.

Companies in areas that have little wood left are pushing into BC's boreal forest to the north. The government's Timber Supply Review for the last great untapped reserve of boreal forest in northwest BC has paved the way by stating logging could be maintained at ten times the current rate. If approved, this cutting rate would devastate the area's forest, its wildlife, and the livelihoods of the many people, including native Indians, who live off the land or make their living as tourism guides. Growing conditions in these northern regions are so difficult that it is doubtful whether these forests will grow back once they have been cut...

When last seen by the BC public, this Forest Practices Code expressly allowed 40-hectare clearcuts, made provisions for much larger clearcuts under the excuse of eradicating insect infestations and disease, did not require a sustainable rate of harvest, did not give adequate protection to fish-bearing streams or domestic watersheds, and gave district forest managers the discretion to disobey virtually any and all of its so-called regulations. It offered no protection for biodiversity under the law, only discretionary guidelines, and it is said that now even these are being gutted.
A recent scientific report says the west coast fishery may be on the verge of collapse.A recent study showed that the new Forest Practices Code is overwhelmingly inferior to forest practices now required across the border in the United States.

I truly wish Canadians would wake up from their zombie-like trance and do something about the rapacious corporatists to whom they are enslaved.

(It is humorous how pointing one's nose too up in the air so deprives the owner of detecting what is going on just beneath it!)

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