the leaders of both countries should meet in an arena with socks filled with horse manure and beat each other over the head. Whoever is left standing is the winner.

I prefer the Marxist* approach: Cream Pies at two paces.

* As in Groucho, Harpo, etc.

Seriously, though, "leaders of both countries" may not apply since an army may not have a particular country. Are Al Queda troops attacking an Afghan Army base soldiers or civilians? Since they have no uniforms, does that interfere with their soldier/civilian status? Are Blackwater "consultants" actually soldiers or civilians when they are reporting and taking orders (suggestions?) from a US officer?

Is the Commander-In_Chief of the US Armed Forces a soldier or a civilian? Does he even have a military uniform? If so, did he design it himself (like Chief Justice Roberts) with some extra bling to signify his special role? Hmm