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I am fairly certain, Ezekiel, that your knowledge of the "Law of Armed Conflict"; Geneva Conventions; The Hague Conventions, & etc., is pretty limited, which is why I prefer not to engage in these discussions. Any effort to actually apply the law to the discussion is usually dismissed off hand, because, as I said, it is not applicable - these quickly become a hermetically sealed discussion based upon previously formed opinion and ideological posturing unrelated to actual application to real world circumstances. I appreciate those who are anti-war - am even quite sympathetic - but that does not equate to anyone who engages in warfare being a "war criminal." When we lose the capacity to make distinctions - even fine distinctions - discussion becomes irrelevant. Broad-brush, nonsensical, divorced-from-reality-or-fact assertions such as "the U.S. being a major offender" demonstrate the shallowness of the analysis. I used to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to educate and discuss, but it became too frustrating.

Again, NW, your logic is deeply flawed. To discuss actual facts, as those presented, one does not need to engage in legal posturing. The fact that rape is not a military strategy is pretty well established (if it is please present a document saying so).
The fact that killing unarmed civilians (especially non-military women and children) is not a military strategy is also pretty well established.
My assertion of U.S. being a major offender is substantiated in my post, as opposed to your dismissing it based on - hmmmm - what exactly?
I have had military training and am well aware of the so-called rules that no one follows. I have worked with veterans from Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan. I have heard their testimony. I don't need an armchair view from 30000 feet that indeed has no basis in reality.
Again, you make no case but continue to whine. Not very convincing.

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