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If you were truly interested in a discussion, Ezekiel, I'd be happy to engage in one. I have not "postured" at all - I have tried - as you know, on multiple occasions - to bring the actual law into the discussion, but any reference to said law has, as here, been rebuffed as "posturing" or other dismissive terms.

Not true, NW. The law, as it applies to war, has relevance and I never dismissed it. I said it wasn't being followed.
Not the same thing.
Also, what I contest is the idea that civilian casualties, provoked by ANYONE, are justifiable.
Also, I think it is willing blindness when one refuses to see that their own army has committed the same sins as those of the opposing army and tries to justify it by some convoluted legal technical palaver.
The U.S. is not the only offender, but it is major offender if only by force of the number of wars it has engaged in.

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