Once again I submit that the real war criminals in this current affair are not the Americans.
Zeke insists that what they do is okay because they are doing it within their own borders. Just, I suppose, as it would be okay if someone were doing it in our borders.

The Taliban is attempting to terrorize the people of Pakistan, to control them through fear, and eventually to take over the government. Pakistan has nuclear armaments.
As soon as US forces leave Afghanistan the Taliban will immediately retake that country. That will be sometime in 2014. President Karzai will flee the country or be executed.
Thousands who had hopes the US might defeat the Taliban will be executed. But that's okay. The use of dangerous drones inflicts injuries on far too many innocents and must be stopped.
History is a wonderful thing, Zeke, you can always find want you want there, be it good or be it bad. Current events are easy to deny; simply label them a government "hoax" and they cease to exist for you.

Al Quaeda lauched its attack against the World Trade Center from Taliban controlled Afghanistan. Label it a hoax and it just goes away.

Bin Laden Killed? Nope, government hoax.
Taliban an enemy worth fighting? Nah, government hoax.

Yes the US is guilty of many crimes. But it is also guilty of doing good things occasionally as well.

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